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Getting Started

Embarking on your physical therapy journey at Get Better Physical Therapy is a positive step towards "Getting Better" and regaining your optimal physical functionality. For those new to the experience, beginning PT might seem daunting, but rest assured, our Brentwood, TN team is here to guide and support you every step of the way. Your first visit will typically involve an in-depth assessment to understand your current condition, pain points, functional deficits and your goals. Your dedicated therapist will then craft a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs. Throughout your sessions, expect a combination of manual therapy, exercises, and possibly the integration of advanced therapeutic equipment, all designed to restore movement, reduce pain, and enhance your overall quality of life. Remember, communication is key! Always share feedback about your comfort levels and any concerns, so we can ensure your therapy journey is both effective and comfortable. Together, let's embark on a path to Get Better health and mobility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a treatment method for certain physical impairments, disabilities, and injuries. You can expect a thorough evaluation by a physical therapist who will create a treatment plan for your specific diagnosis.

Where are you located?

Get Better Physical Therapy is conveniently nestled at 330 Franklin Rd #234-B, in the heart of Brentwood, TN 37027. Situated near the bustling intersection of Franklin Road and Old Hickory Boulevard, our clinic is easily accessible from nearby landmarks such as Chick-Fil-A and Nordstrom Rack. Just a stone's throw away from popular local eateries like Peters Sushi and Five Guys, our location offers the perfect blend of accessibility and convenience for residents seeking top-notch physical therapy services in the Brentwood, TN.

Does insurance cover physical therapy?

Coverage for physical therapy through insurance can differ based on individual plans.  Many will cover physical therapy, but to make things easy for you, contact our clinic and we will happily assist you in verifying what is covered by your insurance plan.

Does insurance cover therapy?

Yes. Let do the work for you. Give us a call and we can help you find out if your insurance covers PT.

What insurance do we accept?

We have established partnerships with and acknowledge the majority of prominent healthcare insurance plans. In cases where insurance coverage is unavailable or not preferred for physical therapy, alternative options for financial support may involve third-party payors such as worker's compensation, motor vehicle insurance, or attorney liens.

What are my payment options?

We offer several payment options including: all major credit cards, personal checks, flex spending accounts, and HRA. Please note that payment is due at the time of service. 

What should I bring to my first appointment?

During your initial appointment, it's important to bring along your doctor's referral or prescription (if relevant), your insurance card, completed registration forms, identification, and any necessary co-payment. Additionally, you might consider bringing a change of clothing.

How long do appointments take?

The duration of appointments can fluctuate based on your diagnosis and activity level. Typically, initial visits have an approximate duration of one hour. It's advisable to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to complete necessary paperwork, sign in, and make any clothing changes if required.

What To Expect On Your First Visit

At Get Better Physical Therapy, your initial physical therapy session revolves around crafting a tailored treatment roadmap that aligns with your health background, diagnosis, and aspirations. Here's a glimpse into what awaits you during your first visit to our clinic:


Step One

Your initial session is anticipated to take approximately one hour. We kindly request that you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.


Step Two

If relevant, please ensure you bring along your physician's referral or prescription, insurance card, necessary documentation, identification, and any required co-payment.


Step Three

The session includes initiation of treatment with a hands on approach, education on exercise and a roadmap of how to help you Get Better.


Request A Call

Contact our team and we will reach out to schedule your assessment! 

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