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Get Better PT Mission

At Get Better Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to enhancing the well-being of our community through comprehensive healthcare. Our mission is clear: to help people 'Get Better' by delivering compassionate care and innovative practices. Based in Brentwood, TN we strive to empower well rounded health journeys, fostering positive change for body, mind, and spirit. We are conveniently located in the heart of Brentwood, near TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, and Chick-Fil-A! 

James Edwards

Allow me to introduce you to James Edwards, our lead Physical Therapist whose expertise extends across continents and diverse fields. Back in 2008, James graduated from Cardiff University in the UK, setting the stage for his physical therapy journey. Following that, he fine-tuned his skills at the National Health Service in Berkshire, England, offering indispensable care to athletes at Reading Football Club and Hereford Rugby Club.

In 2010, a transatlantic leap brought him to the USA, where he spent an impactful six years making waves in Charlotte, NC. Since then, he has firmly established himself in the Nashville area, contributing his talents for the past 7 years.

James doesn't just walk the walk; he's a true expert in the realm of Orthopedic Clinical specialization. Beyond that, he's armed with a Certificate of Manual Therapy, with an ongoing pursuit of a Fellowship in Manual Physical Therapy – showcasing his commitment to excellence. His skill set extends to certified proficiency in Trigger Point Dry Needling (Levels I, II & III) and Graston/Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization. James also has expertise in vestibular rehab.

His accolades don't end there. James takes the lead as the dedicated Team Physical Therapist/Trainer for the Nashville Men’s Rugby Club, where his expertise keeps the players in peak form. Adding another feather to his cap, he shares his knowledge and experience as a valued faculty member at the esteemed Institute of Advanced Musculoskeletal Treatments.

Sam Mullaney

Meet Sam Mullaney, a native of Nashville. Growing up in Brentwood, he considers it a great honor and privilege to contribute to the well-being of the community that nurtured him throughout his formative years. In 2021, he completed his Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Belmont University. Since then, he has dedicated himself to advancing his expertise in conservative care, recently achieving certification as an Orthopedic Manual Therapist. This accomplishment has enhanced his diagnostic and treatment capabilities for a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions.


Sam is deeply committed to continuous improvement and is currently pursuing additional certification as an orthopedic certified specialist. His passion for his work stems from the profound satisfaction of witnessing patients achieve significant health milestones they once thought unattainable. Providing this transformative service brings him immense joy and fulfillment.

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