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Shoulder Treatment

Shoulder Pain

The shoulder, being a intricate joint, harbors a multitude of potential sources for pain. Utilizing physical therapy to address shoulder pain offers the capability to pinpoint the root cause of the discomfort and alleviate it at its origin.

Treatment Options

A thorough assessment will be conducted by your appointed physical therapist, followed by the formulation of an individualized program tailored to tackle your specific requirements related to shoulder discomfort. The objective is to regain the standard range of motion and strength in the shoulder while optimizing its overall functionality.

Possible interventions and plans for managing shoulder pain might encompass:

  • Manual therapy

  • Progressive exercise

  • Modalities include ice/heat, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation

  • Flexibility and postural strengthening

  • Body mechanics training

  • Dry needling

  • Return to throwing program

  • Sports performance

  • Sports rehab

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